Do you do appraisals? 

We do insurance appraisals, which are full written documents stating the retail replacement value of your items. We do not work in the second-hand market, so we are unable to tell you what you might be able to sell your items for in that scenario. A good way to get an idea of value for your items it to take them around to multiple establishments that do buy jewelry and see what they offer. A method to determine a private party sale value is to check eBay and Craigslist to see what similar items are selling for.   

Do you buy fine jewelry?  

We do not pay cash for fine jewelry, but we can give you a scrap value for gold or platinum towards the purchase of a new piece, a custom piece, or a repair. Click here for tips on selling fine jewelry. 

Do you sell used/vintage/consignment jewelry?

We only sell new items because it allows us to control the quality of pieces and adhere to our high standards. Each piece in our store is a new item, selected for its beauty and workmanship.  

Do you do on-site repairs? 

Yes, we do

Can you do my repair/appraisal/set my diamond while I wait?

We do not perform these types of services while you wait because the quality of our work is extremely important. Rushing to complete a job while someone is looking over our shoulders does not allow for the time and care required to do the best possible work. Additionally, we take in such a high volume of repairs and appraisals that it would be impossible to schedule our work that way. We are a member of the American Gem Society, a non-profit consumer protection agency committed to ethical practices. As a member of the Fort Collins jewelry community for over seventy years, there is nothing more precious to us than our reputation. We'll take great care of your pieces while they are here. 

Do you repair watches?

We are able to perform minor services, such as battery replacement, some crystal replacement, watch band sizing and repair. We do not have a watchmaker on staff who is able to service mechanical or quartz movements.  

Do you ever have sales?

In over 75 years, we have never had a sale. Instead of marking things up and then having discounts, we believe in pricing our jewelry fairly to start out with. A discount is like an overcoat; you have to put it on first in order to take it off. Every one of our customers deserves a great price every day, so that is what we offer every day. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept cash, check, and all credit/debit cards except American Express. We also offer interest-free layaway.